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Combining support for portable file formats, such as Zip and PDF, with built-in TCP/IP SMTP, FTP and point-to-point communications and application integration features, ZIP/390 Multi-Platform (MP) is helping many of the worlds largest mainframe installations simplify efficient secure file sharing with users and applications within the enterprise and beyond.
Simplified File Sharing and Archiving

MP's ZIP/UNZIP and PDF support simplifies efficient secure anywhere/anytime file sharing across diverse technical competency levels, servers, desk-tops and mobile devices.

Advanced File Transfer and Post Processing
MP's multi-platform client-server and application integration capabilities facilitate direct data streaming into applications on server platforms; eliminating file staging and automating digital work-flows.

Built-in Process Automation
Providing more timely delivery of information to end-users and applications increases business agility, service and productivity. MP actively monitors z/OS-USS file systems and JES, taking predefined action upon targeted files the moment they are created.

Complete Data Protection
When using SFTP or VPN for file sharing, data is only secure during transmission; leaving sensitive data vulnerable to unauthorized access while stored on a server. In contrast, ZIP/390 MP provides complete data protection - securing data during transmission and at rest.

IBM Mainframe specific features include:

  • IBM z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP)

  • zEnterprise Data Compression (zEDC)

  • CPACF - Hardware Cryptographic Acceleration

  • EBCDIC <-> ASCII Translation

  • External JES-Writer report delivery automation

  • Easy to use Programmer API's support zIIP and CPASSIST for high efficiency and performance.

  • Direct access to z/OS (PDS, PDS(e), SEQ) and USS (HFS, zFS) File Systems, Files and Directories

  • Runs natively in z/OS and/or USS

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